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Department of Engineering
for Innovation

High Performance Computing (HPC Lab)

Since 1996, the High Performance Computing Lab has carried out research activities related to parallel and distributed computing including grid and cloud  technologies.

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High Performance Computing; Sequential, parallel and distributed algorithms; Data Mining, Machine Learning & Deep Learning; Security & cryptography.

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Our research has been applied to different application contexts, from Data Mining to Earth Observation, Climate Change, Biodiversity, etc. The research in these areas has produced a large volume of scientific publications...

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The HPC Lab responsibles can access high-end computing resources including those provided by CINECA and CMCC. Moreover, the lab is also equipped with a cluster consisting of 10 nodes, each node configured as follows...

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Parallel Algorithms (Eng)

Data Mining (Ita)

Fondamenti di Informatica (Ita)

Mobile Applications Development (Eng)

 Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni - 73100, Lecce (Italy)
"La Stecca" building - Campus Ecotekne
 +39 0832 297304


Prof. Massimo Cafaro,Ph.D.

Prof. Massimo Cafaro, Ph.D.

University of Salento - Department of Engineering for Innovation

Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni - 73100, Lecce (Italy) – at “La Stecca” building P - Ecotekne Campus



A laboratory for cutting-edge research on parallel and distributed algorithms and technologies.

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